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Collar & Saddle Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractor for Midlothian, Mansfield, Ellis, Kaufman, Johnson, & Tarrant County. Sister Company: Solutions Alternative Healthcare
99 Regency Parkway #111, Mansfield, TX
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This little girl came with her buddy for his appointment. She’s tiny but has a big personality!

New Patient Alert 🚨 Isn’t she pretty 😍!!?! She took a sec to warm up to me but when she did, she laid on me while I adjusted her which was an interesting challenge but I’ll take it!!

New Pup! Meet Lexie, a sweet little Boston girl! 🐶
She was nervous at first, but is now enjoying getting Chiropractic adjustments!

New Patient Alert 🚨 This is Burton… he’s a small horse who identifies as a dog…. J/K and he was feeling pretty sleepy after his adjustment. He’s a bit spoiled and gets to drink directly out of the sink! HA!!

What do you call your animals????
Winston —> Winnie —> Winnie Winnie Woo Woo —> THE Woo

Karma —> Karma Jean —> KJ/KK —> THE Jean…
And that’s JUST the dogs!!!!

Mango is looking too cool 😎 for school in his Letterman jacket! I think he got earned it in Squirrel 🐿 Chasing! Also? He’s doing GREAT with his Chiropractic adjustments! 🐶

Rusty is a cuddle monkey - I can hardly adjust his sister without him lifting my hand with his nose for me to pet him ❤️ 🐶


a year ago
My 11 year old chihuahua, Sophie, had developed a pretty nasty limp and a bulging muscle on one of her front legs earlier this year. My vet conducted an exam and much to my surprise, there was nothing wrong with her leg - at all. The culprit was her spine which was causing overcompensation and an altered gait. After several spinal injections at my regular vet, I decided to reach out to Collar & Saddle for chiropractic care for her. The intervals between injections was getting shorter, as symptoms where reappearing quicker. My vet was enthusiastic when I asked him his thoughts on animal chiropractic for her. I have been so impressed with the change in Sophie, that I also have had Dr. Gonzalez start working with my very shy and skittish Bloodhound, Fern. I had started to notice some dragging of her back foot near the end or our walks and a slightly out-turned foot in the back. She had stopped jumping into the car, and now was preferring to only put her front legs in and wait for...
- Carol R
a year ago
My name is Bob Marley. I went to see Dr. Amy today because my mom thought I was walking funny. Dr. Amy rubbed my neck and back and tummy and I feel so much better. Thanks for the biscuit, Dr. Amy.
- Kathy A
a year ago
Saddle and Collar Animal Chiropractic is amazing. They are caring and knowledgeable. I’ve used other animal chiropractors in the past and Saddle and Collar are superior in every way. I have a 13 (and a half) year old dog with a huge determination to live and she needs some help with her mobility sometimes and benefits greatly from adjustments. A chiropractic adjustment for your animals is money well-spent and these guys get a big thumbs-up from me.
- teresa m

About us

Looking for HUMAN Chiropractic? Check our our sister company, Solutions Alternative Healthcare, LLC located conveniently near Hwy 287 and Heritage Pkwy

We look forward to helping your animal(s) feel and function better!

We help your pets, show animals, and athlete animals live longer pain-free lives, and play, work and/or compete to their maximum potential. We treat Equines (horses), Canines (dogs) as well as other species on a case-by-case basis. 

3 steps to see your animal(s):
1. Signed referral form from veterinarian (below)
2. Text (preferred) or Call 469-430-9898 for an appointment time
3. Complete New Canine/New Equine Form for each animal

Download our Referral Form.

New Patient Canine $80
Follow-up Canine $50
Discount of $10/additional canine

New Patient Equine $150
Follow-up Equine $120
Discounts $30/additional equine

Well-Mannered/Tempered Canines are welcome in our brick-and-mortar office, otherwise:
Travel Fee $1/mi over 10 miles from Midlothian, TX center (may be waived if multiple calls in a single service area and/or 3+ animals)

From the Provider: I am a Chiropractor with over 12 years of experience in human practice. I'd always been fascinated by the similarities (and differences) in the anatomy and movement of animals. I had the honor to attend the very extensive Animal Chiropractic coursework through Parker University in Dallas, TX alongside many other Chiropractors and Veterinarians which has allowed me to extend my practice to our furry family members!

I feel like having a deep understanding of the spinal anatomy and neurology of humans has given me a huge advantage when applying those skills to animals. Animals often respond even faster than humans with Chiropractic care and it is so amazing to see this in action.

I look forward to working with you and your veterinarian to help your animal function and feel their best!

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